r_edgar_hoover is the fake internet name of ROGER MILLER, an animator and illustrator currently living in Savannah, ga.
he occasionally writes and creates podcasts with his funnier friends.

His work has been seen in the Broadway production of be more chill. he’s been seen off-broadway at Ars Nova and the davenport theater as well as B.A.M, two river theater, and deep in the woods in Montague, Massachusetts

he sometimes puts more art on instagram 

he sells some pun-related goofs on redbubble

Here is some stuff he's made:



# v i d e o c o n t e n t

Animation for the 8-Bit Big Band “Delfino Plaza” From their 2019 album “Choose Your Character”

Animation for The 8-Bit Big Band “Trainer Battle Music” from their 2019 album “Choose Your Character”

8-Bit art assets for this video produced by Ghost Corporeal for the Magnetic Field's '50-Song Memoir'

The Magnetic Fields' "'71: I Think I'll Make Another World" from the 2017 album 50 Song Memoir.


The Magnetic Fields' "'06: Quotes" from the 2017 album 50 Song Memoir

8-Bit assets created for the Broadway production of Be More Chill’s ‘2-Player Game’

2-D Animation created for Faith Salie’s ‘Approval Junkie,’ 2019.

2-D animation created for a production of Sweet Charity

Commissioned animated logo for the “Toot Sweet Variety Hour”

Commissioned animated logo for ‘Little Worms Creative’

Bird Animated for Mein Kult web series

"Oh no, I was supposed to put this in a blender." Featured in a Buzzfeed Video, July 2019

Illustration for Two River Theater's production of "El Coqui Espectacular and the Bottle of Doom!”